Kids Wedding Attire: How To Dress Your Children For Winter Weddings

The big day is almost here and, with the days ticking down, it’s time to make sure that your wedding outfits are ready to go, including little ones. Whether you’re an attending guest or part of the Bride or Groom’s family, children often make wedding celebrations special and it is important that they look the part and enjoy themselves too. 

Kids wedding attire plays an important part in their enjoyment of the whole day, as dresses which are too stuffy and uncomfortable will leave children feeling grouchy and irritated. For winter weddings especially, you need to carefully consider kids wedding attire as there are so many things to bear in mind. 

The Right Kids Wedding Attire For A Winter Wedding

When it comes to kids wedding attire, particularly for little girls, there really is a right dress to wear. Winter weddings open up so many more opportunities than a summer wedding when it comes to colours, designs and accessories, that your little one will truly feel like a princess. 

Deep blues, dark reds and metallic silvers are some of the most popular choices for girls occasion dresses when it comes to winter occasions, but there is nothing wrong with choosing a lighter colour. A beautiful floral design is sure to brighten up the occasion and your little one will also be able to get more use out of it in the summer. 

Kids wedding attire for a winter wedding not only needs to look good, but feel it too. As adults, weddings can often feel like a long day, so imagine how long it feels for small children! Despite the joyous occasion, if your little one is feeling uncomfortable in their outfit, then this will show in their behaviour. Keeping their spirits up is key, so choose kids wedding attire which not only makes your child look adorable, but is comfy enough to keep them smiling all day!

Choosing The Right Accessories

No wedding outfit is complete without a few matching accessories and children especially love adding cute finishing touches to their outfits. A glittery headband or small bag (perhaps filled with sweets or toys) will add something extra to kids wedding attire. With headbands, choose one in a matching or complementary colour that will make their outfit even more adorable and play around with different looks and hairstyles. 

Girls love glitter and sparkle, so why not use the opportunity of a winter wedding to choose accessories which are a little more sparkly? A sparkly mini handbag or shoes will add a festive touch to a winter wedding and your little one is likely to show off their accessories all day. If the weather is predicted to be particularly chilly, then be sure that your kids wedding attire also includes a form of cover-up to keep them warm throughout the day. It doesn’t need to be a big bulky coat if you’re going to be indoors most of the day - cardigans or a faux-fur bolero jackets look adorable and keep them snug during the ceremony, meal or evening celebrations.