3 Ways To Keep Children Happy And Healthy This Autumn

After the summer months, adjusting to the changes that autumn brings can be tricky for us all, but children, in particular, tend to suffer the most. With many heading back to school, it’s almost inevitable that your child is going to pick up some kind of sickness bug over the autumn, so keeping your children happy and healthy is an easy way for them to avoid all those nasties going around. With healthy changes that the whole family can get on board with, here are 3 ways you can keep little ones happy and healthy over the next few months. 

Eat Seasonal Foods

Not only is eating foods which are in season cheaper, but they are also much tastier and more accessible. Autumn is perhaps the best time of year for eating seasonal foods, with plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from. With apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash (not forgetting those pumpkins!) all in season, they are also all packed full of nutrients which will help to keep your children happy and healthy over the autumn. 

From casseroles to soups, there are plenty of ways you can encourage children to eat seasonal foods with warming dishes. If you struggle to get your children interested in them, why not take them to a “Pick-Your-Own” farm, where they can pick and choose their own fruits and vegetables - they’ll be more inclined to eat them then!

Wrap Up Warm

The key to keeping warm and comfortable in the autumn weather is layers, and plenty of them! After dressing for the warm weather for a few months, it’s now time to get wrapped up warm and snug again and by making sure you are properly dressed for the weather, you are far more likely to avoid catching those pesky colds and sniffles. 

Autumn is famous for damp weather, so be sure to invest in some good quality waterproof shoes for your children so that their feet stay warm and dry. When it comes to clothing, having a few layers which your children can take off if they get too warm or put on if they get chilly is important. Whether its a soft, cotton t-shirt under a jumper or a pair of thick, woolly tights under a cute designer dress, being prepared means your children will be both happy and healthy!

Play Outdoors

Many of us feel less motivated to go outdoors when the weather changes. Instead of staying indoors, make sure you and your children are keeping active over the autumn and head outdoors for some fresh air.


Kids love playing outdoors, so dedicate some time a few days a week to make the most of the crisp and colourful autumn weather. No matter if you go on a bike ride through the park or jump in muddy puddles when it is raining, you will all feel happy and healthy by getting outside and into the fresh air.