How To Make A Floral Hair Wreath

A floral hair wreath is the perfect summer accessory and they are the ideal craft to do with children during the summer holidays. Whether you’re looking for simple dress up accessories or are playing fun garden games then, with just a few simple materials, you can create a magical floral hair wreath of your own. A flower crown can be as colourful as you like and can be made using different flowers and craft materials, so here are some steps for you to create your own floral hair accessory.

Forming The Headband

Rather than just buying a floral hair wreath, making your own is surprisingly quick and easy. Take a piece of florist wire and create a circular shape. Be sure to put it on top of your head before you cut to shape to see how long you need the wire to be. Cut off any excess wire and, using floral tape, secure the wire shut. You may need to wrap the tape around a few times to make it secure and sturdy.

Choose Your Greenery and Flowers

A flower crown isn’t complete without flowers and greenery. To make the best base for your crown, you will want to use lots of pretty green leaves to cover the wire. This can be leaves or grass from the garden, or you can use crepe paper instead. Once you have chosen the greenery, secure it to your crown with floral tape to make the base for your floral decorations.

Once you have secured your greenery, it’s time to add your flower decorations. For this, you can use real flowers, artificial flowers or craft your own using crepe paper or sticky craft paper. In order to attach the flowers to your crown or hair wreath, you must make sure that the flower stems are around 3 inches long so that you can wrap and secure them to your base. Just like the base, you should wrap the tape around the stem a few times to make sure it stays in place.

Adding To Your Floral Hair Wreath

Once you have added a few flowers to the greenery, it is up to you how much or little you add to the rest of the crown. You can try a few different types of flowers to create a textured look or make it as colourful as you like with different flowers. The best thing about creating flower crowns is that once your little ones get to grips with it, they can do them all on their own and make them how they like.

There is no right or wrong way to make a flower crown, as it all depends on what you and your kids want to use them for. Whether you want to make a unique accessory for a wedding to go with you and your children’s outfits, or are just planning on wearing it for fun around the house, there is no better budget-friendly and fun summer accessory than getting crafty with nature!