5 Of The Latest Trends In Children's Clothing

Children love nothing more than dressing up in fancy dress costumes or wearing a nice outfit for special occasions and, even though you may not think it, children’s clothing is taken more seriously now than ever. Parents are always on the lookout for stylish pieces of clothing for their children to keep them looking their best and many of the latest trends in children’s clothing are styles which parents and children will love. 

Whether that be clothing, footwear or accessories, there are plenty of different styles and trends to choose from. Believe it or not, childrenswear goes through as many trends and styles as the latest men and women's fashion collections, so here are 5 of the latest trends in children’s clothing that you should keep an eye out for. 


With more and more people choosing not to limit their child’s fashion choices, gender-neutral clothing has taken a more conscious shift towards avoiding stereotypes in children’s clothing. Instead of the pinks and blues that we’re used to seeing, more colours and patterns are being used which can appeal to both girls and boys. Another reason why gender-neutral clothing is becoming increasingly more popular is that more new parents are choosing not to find out the gender of their baby at scans, meaning that gender-neutral clothing needs to be more readily available.

Metallic Tones

Whilst gold and silver tones in children’s clothing have always been popular, one of the most recent trends in children’s clothing has been focused around using more colours and sheens. Pink, mauve and green are popular choices, as well as gold buckles, silver sparkles and rose-gold accessories. 

It’s All In The Detail

With most childrenswear reverting back to classic designs and prints, designers are looking for new ways to make their clothing stand out. One way that they are achieving this is through the use of details, whether it be delicate waist bows and ruffles or eye-catching patterns and colour combinations. A lot of girls occasion wear features these details, as well as day-to-day clothing. 

Nature-Inspired Fashion 

With increasing awareness around the world for the urgent need to save and help our planet, more and more childrenswear is using sustainable materials or nature-inspired prints. Whether it’s a leopard print dress or a simple sustainable cotton t-shirt, there are plenty of options available if you are wanting to help the planet one step at a time. Sustainability isn’t just one of the latest trends in children’s clothing, but is one which is being mirrored in almost everything we use and wear on a day to day basis. 

Matching Items

We often call children our “mini-me’s”, but one of the latest trends in children’s clothing will literally turn them into a mini version of you! A growing trend has seen the rise in popularity in matching outfits and t-shirts for both children and parents, siblings or grandparents. From cute matching shirts and ties for dads and babies to sassy printed tees for mums and daughters, there’s bound to be a matching style out there which is perfect for you and your little one.