How To Create A Cosy Space For Children

As adults, we know what makes us happy and relaxed after a long day, but for children, this can come in many different forms. Whilst we may enjoy watching the tv with a cup of tea, children are likely to still want to play and be stimulated, no matter how busy their day has been!

Creating a comfortable and snug space for little ones to relax in is a great way to provide them with a space to unwind, but is still somewhere where they can play, read or draw. So, here are some tips on how you can create a cosy space for your little ones.

Find The Right Spot

A cosy space doesn’t need to take up huge amounts of room. Choosing a quiet spot which is away from any distractions, such as the TV, is good but it should also be central so that you can keep an eye on them when needed. No matter where you pick, make it somewhere which is their own. Whether it is in the corner of your office if you work from home, a quiet spot in the front room or even a dedicated corner of their bedroom, there are some wonderful ways that you can transform the space.

Make It Comfortable

A cosy space is all about being comfortable, so having somewhere to sit is a must for little legs. From comfy armchairs and beanbags to squishy cushions and warm blankets, make sure there is somewhere to sit which is their own. At the end of a busy day, you may find them lounging here reading a book or playing a game, which is what creating a snug space is all about! If it is quite dark or away from natural light, ensure that there is a lamp so that they can read books on the gloomiest of days or in the early evening.

Think Outside Of The Box

Whilst you may be instantly drawn to a quiet corner of the house to set up a cosy space, there are plenty of other ideas you can use to create something your child will love. If they love adventure, then why not get a teepee? You can set this up in any room in the house and, with the addition of a few cushions and blankets, it instantly becomes a great comfortable space. Another way that you can create a cosy space is to create a cocoon. Turn your child’s bed into a fun den with curtains or drapes which they can close or open themselves by adding hanging curtains from the head of the bed, or if you have a window box, then transform this into a cosy little reading nook.

Use Colour To Make The Space

Colour can instantly define a room and make it warm or feel cool, depending on which colours you choose and the way you use them. Warm colours can go that extra mile in making a cosy space snug. Don’t think that you have to choose bright, rich colours, such as red or blues. Consider lighter or pastel colours such as pinks and purples to create a more soothing colour scheme.