5 Top Tips For Flying With Kids

The summer holidays are almost upon us and many families are likely to be preparing for their holidays or trips away. Travelling with children is no easy feat and if you are flying, then spending time cooped up in a metal tube for hours on end can often test both you and your children. Knowing some top tips for flying with kids can make the whole process a lot easier, so here are 5 of the best things to prepare for your flight with children.

Children Won’t Always Like Airline Food

No matter how much you try and disguise it, aeroplane food is an acquired taste, even for adults. Trying to persuade your toddler to eat a stale sandwich or your 5-year-old to taste what is meant to be pasta and cheese can prove very difficult.

One of the best tips for flying with kids is to pre-pack easy to grab snacks and foods, such as cut-up fruit, cheese and crackers and sweet treats for any break downs. Being prepared is the key, so packing a lunch box for them to take their time eating will not only keep them occupied but will also distract them from everything else going on in the plane.

Make Friends With The Cabin Crew

If you're flying on your own with children or are particularly nervous about the flight, then have a chat with the cabin crew before you take off. They will know exactly how to reassure you and if there are any extra cabin crew on your flight, then they may be able to sit with you during the take-off and landing.

If your child is distressed at any point during the flight, then the cabin crew will often come over and ask if you need any assistance or even just accompany you on a walk around the cabin to soothe them, whilst giving you someone to talk to. They may even have some top tips for flying with kids or have some foolproof ways of keeping them entertained.

Have Tactics Prepared To Combat Boredom

When travelling anywhere with kids, you will need to plan entertainment for the journey. On a plane, try to book a window seat as this will act as a distraction for children and give them something to look at. When it comes to activities, one of the best tips for flying with kids is to be fully prepared. Have colouring books, paper, pens and pencils ready for an easy thing to pull out either at the airport, on the plane or when waiting for transport on the way to your accommodation.

A fun thing to do is to get your children to draw a photograph of the cabin crew or pilot and give it to them at the end of the flight - this gives them something to concentrate on. If you’ve got a long journey ahead, pack any electronic devices which will keep children occupied and ensure that you have everything to keep them fully charged.

Don’t Let Time Zones Catch You (And Your Kids) Out

Whilst letting kids run around for a short while before getting on the flight is a great thing to do to tire them out a little, if you are travelling long-distance, keep time zones in consideration. Whilst some parents revel in the fact that their children have slept the whole way through the flight, this may mean that over the next couple of days you have some very early wake-up calls.

One of the best tips for flying with kids if you don’t want to disturb them too much is to let them nap early one, but keep them awake and alert into the back end of the flight. They’re much more likely to sleep at a more reasonable time once you reach your destination.

Prepare For The Landing

Even if your children have been fine during the flight, when the plane is coming into land, the air pressure suddenly changes and it can cause extreme discomfort for small ears. If you are travelling with a baby, try to see if you hold off on giving them a bottle until you start the descent, as this will relieve any pressure. For toddlers and older children, sucking or chewing sweets or lollypops will help.