Stockist Spotlight with Petit Fashion

Petit Fashion, founded in 2014, is an independent boutique in the heart of Blackburn and an online retailer selling designer childrenswear from a range of luxury brands. We are pleased to be apart of an growing online fashion boutique who pride themselves on finding and stocking the most stylish and highest quality fashion brands. 

“We love their striking shapes and you will appreciate their excellent quality. The design team’s experience of high fashion is evident in every piece that they create, and we are proud to stock some of their very finest items.” - Petit Fashion -

We sat down with one of Petit Fashion's founders, Javid, to find out more about their brand and what drives them.

Who are the founders of Petit Fashion? 
Petit Fashion was founded in 2014 by brother and sister, Fehmina and Javid Dassu. 

What inspired you to start Petit Fashion?
Timing played a huge part in the founding of Petit Fashion. Fehmina, had been working as a teacher since leaving college and wanted to start her own business. Javid had recently moved back to the UK after living in Dubai. With both having an eye for fashion since their teenage years and Javid's keen interest in E-Commerce, Petit Fashion was born.

What attracted you to Jessie and James?
Jessie and James was a brand worn by Fehmina's daughter Zahara! Both mother and daughter loved the unique cuts and fabrics. It was only natural that we wanted to stock the brand. 

What are your favourite JJ pieces from this season?
Our personal favourites this season are the coats. The Ruffle Coat is simply stunning. Its the attention to the detail of the cut of the fabric, which makes it such a special piece.

What having been your best sellers so far?
We especially love this season’s collection. The Starry Night collection has been very popular. The prints are as you would expect from Jessie and James and they have certainly been a hit with our customers.


With special thanks to Javid from Petit Fashion