SS'12 - Under Construction

We are proud to present out 1st Jessie and James collection, Under Construction. In our first collection we have been exploring various shapes and creating interesting silhouettes we believe will be popular and set the tone for the future of Jessie and James.

We have created a range of girls and boys pieces using soft jerseys to allow for movement and play. They are also incredibly comfortable and ooze wear ability. Every piece will feature our signature JJ logo which we feel is important to our brand identity and to our luxury ethos.

Our girls dresses are made from soft jersey fitted bodies with loose woven skirts attached. The shapes and silhouettes have been developed carefully to achieve interesting cuts.

The boys collection consists of jersey tops with oversized button plackets and cuffs in contrast fabric. Baggy crotch jersey bottoms with long ribs for plenty of room to play and explore.

Deep navy, warm grey and off white's been go to colours for this collection. We love the delicate pin stripe that works in so many of our styles for both genders. We chose warm, wearable colours to make choosing Jessie and James clothing simple and effortless in style.