Entertaining Children and Toddlers At Weddings: 4 Top Tips

Keeping children entertained at a wedding is no easy feat. The secret to attending or hosting a stress-free wedding with children in tow is to prepare ahead, as weddings can often be overwhelming for adults, nevermind children, so keeping them entertained during the day will make it far easier for you all to enjoy the day. 

It is important to remember that children and toddlers at weddings will become bored pretty quickly. So, whether it is your wedding and you have children attending or you and your family are off to a friend or family member’s wedding, then there are some things that you should consider to entertain children and toddlers at weddings.

Lots of Treats

If you and your children are guests at a wedding for the day, then they will need some pick-me-ups over the course of the day to keep them happy and interested in the day, and less likely to cause any issues. Personalised goody bags are a great idea, especially when filled with age-appropriate treats. 

They don't need to cost a lot and can be filled with treats which you think are appropriate. Snacks and juice cartons are good to have on hand for a pre or post ceremony boost. Bubbles and glow sticks are fun little additions for the evening celebrations and other additions, such as crayons and colouring books or mini toys and puzzles, will also keep children and toddlers at weddings entertained. 

Wedding Themed Games

Kids love nothing more than getting involved in celebrations and parties and if you are attending as a guest, then there are some games you can create before you get there. Create an I Spy or Treasure Hunt list for children or toddlers at weddings to go off and find. A list could include things such as finding a white dress, the wedding cake or someone in a fancy hat. If you want to make it more fun for them, give them a disposable camera so that they can record their findings, plus then they also get a fun memento from the day. 

Rainy Day Entertainment 

No matter how much the happy couple hope for sunshine and warm weather, unfortunately not every wedding will benefit from good weather. A rainy wedding day is bound to be the last of the couple’s worries and concerns when the day arrives, but when you have children and toddlers at weddings, then this may have an effect on their behaviour. 

When the weather is nice, you can let kids burn off energy outdoors when there is some free time, but when it comes to rainy weather, you run the risk of them and their occasion wear getting wet and muddy outdoors. If the day does threaten the chance of rain, then preparation is key. Take additional activities for them to do and you may even consider a tablet or device with games, films or TV programmes for when they need to rest later on in the day. 

Set Up a Kids Table 

If there are a few children attending which are around the same age, then make the day more fun by sitting them together, either for the day celebrations or for the evening part of the wedding. If it is your wedding, then create a special kid’s menu that they can all enjoy together or, if you are attending later on in the evening, then try to secure a table which they can all sit at or use as a base for if they want to go and party on the dancefloor. You could even bring some travel board games that they can all play together.