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Posted on 14 Dec 2016 15:30:00 by Jessie

Adonia Dress

This December we are going all out in red check! Christmas is almost here and we cant contain our excitement anymore. We are going to wear red tartan all month and we think you should too. Our christmas story this year is one of our favourite. Our beautiful red and navy check fabric covered with tiny little white polka dots is perfect for the festive season.

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Posted on 7 Dec 2016 10:30:00 by Jessie

Little Riding Jacket

Our crown embroidery, which is featured on our Little Riding Jacket and Boot Cut shorts was inspired by fairy tale book covers and royal crests. 

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Posted on 16 Nov 2016 16:30:00 by Jessie

Squiggle Dress

The Squiggle Dress was the first dress we ever designed for Jessie and James. It proved popular from the first collection and is still demand 5 years later. It’s popularity has led it to become a signature shape in our collections and we are constantly inspired by its silhouette.

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Posted on 16 Nov 2016 10:10:00 by Jessie

Crini Skirt

Petit Fashion, founded in 2014, is an independent boutique in the heart of Blackburn and an online retailer selling designer childrenswear from a range of luxury brands.

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Posted on 9 Nov 2016 10:10:00 by Jessie

Lily Dress

Our Lily Dress is one of our much loved styles. It’s perfect for parties with its full skirt and layers of tulle. We love the big side bow in a contrasting colour. Lily dress looks luxurious and fun all in one. Keeps the parents smiling and the children laughing!


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